I’m tired of ski articles; are you?

It’s pretty predictable this time of year — the travel magazines and newspaper travel sections are all filled with reports of ski resorts and ski towns and Western powder versus East Coast ice and blah, blah, blah.

Um, except I don’t ski.  Well, I took cross-country lessons once, but that’s it.  Neither of my kids is big on the sport, either, mostly because they’ve grown up in temperate climates. 

Only my Connecticut-born husband is pretty swift on skis, so what about families like us, who like the idea of all of that snow and frolic but don’t know any winter sports? 

I’ve actually answered this question before, in one of my very early posts on this blog.  Take a look at my rundown of family travel to Lillehammer, Norway, where we all found things to do besides ski.

Meantime, the UK’s Guardian Unlimited online gives us a nice article on “ski resorts for non-skiers.”  It covers mostly European destinations but does touch on Colorado. There’s another similar article in CNN Traveller here (although I don’t know about going to Beirut just now, even though it’s on their list.) I also found an all-US lineup of non-skier snowy places on a new travel site that I’ve just discovered, Tripso.com.

I’d love to get over to New Mexico from Texas; then I could visit a dear friend in Albuquerque and check out Taos.

That long underwear in my drawer needs to get some use somewhere. 

Update 11 December 2006:  Another article on non-skier winter fun is from Smarter Travel; its focus is U.S. destinations.