Join the 2012 Mom Blogger Camp in in Velas Vallarta, Mexico

This is a guest post from Jen Miner, blogger at The Vacation Gals, and organizer of the 2012 Mom Blogger Camp in in Velas Vallarta.

Mention the phrase “mommy blogger” to a crowd, and you’ll get a few different reactions. What some people view as a viable way to accrue a little extra income while staying home with young children, others see as a rudderless industry in need of guidance. The truth is, there are as many types of parent bloggers as there are parents, and judging with broad strokes do no one any favors. There are all sorts of parent blogs and whether you’re a professional parent blogger with a distinct niche or a mom just toying with the idea of starting up a casual blog, there are always ways to improve your blog. Even family travel bloggers like myself straddle the line between two niches (parent and travel blogs, obviously).

Blogging conferences abound. Just like there are travel blogging conferences, there are parent blogging conferences — way more of the latter, in fact. I’d like to talk about a one-time-only parent blogger mini-conference that should cover a lot of ground for blogging newbies and old-timers, in an incredibly fun, relaxing environment. The Mom Blogger Camp in in Velas Vallarta has some of the top experts on hand to give professional blogging tips and advice — plus hey — it’s in a Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive resort in the middle of winter! January 5-8, 2012, to be exact.What an awesome way to warm up: Mixing professional growth with a sunny vacation south of the border.

Now, I’m the conference organizer for this one-off Mom Blogger Camp, but the folks over at Velas Vallarta know what they’re doing; they hosted a Food Blogger Camp last winter, too.  The expert speakers coming to help parent bloggers grow professionally will also be enjoying themselves, hanging out by the pool, perhaps indulging in a spa visit, and all those other activities denoting a tropical vacation. Mom Blogger Camp attendees will have the opportunity to casually hang out with the speakers (within limits, of course, let’s respect each others’ personal space here!) in the afternoons, with most sessions being in the morning.

I’m looking forward to hearing The Bloggess‘s topic, Famous on the Internet. Not that I’ll ever be famous on the internet, but she’s hilarious and amazing. Also greatly anticipated are Deb Ng, Aparna Vashshit-Rota, Adria Richards, Peter Carey, Anne Hartsell, Mary Jo Manzanares, and Amy Whitley. Umm.. and that’s it. Not looking forward to any other speakers at this mini-conference, because that’s the lot of them! It’s a small, low-key, yet meaty retreat with lots of time to enjoy Puerto Vallarta.

The schedule is here; you can see that there’s some time built in each day for Mom Blogger Camp attendees to talk up any travel sponsors.  This is an important part of the schedule — after all, while this is a very, very affordable conference, the cost of air fare will have to be considered as well. Fortunately, from what I’ve seen, many family-friendly companies are happy to help mom bloggers get to conferences in the form of straightforward sponsorships.

The Mom Blogger Camp is open to anyone (dads too, of course!) and will be January 5-8, 2012 with the actual conference days are the 6th and 7th. I’ll be there, and I hope you will consider it, too.