Juicy drinks from Hawaiian Sun

Hawaiian Sun canned juices (photo by Sheila ScarboroughOne special treat in Hawaii that’s great for kids (and adults) is the Hawaiian Sun line of canned drinks.

They are based in Honolulu and have been around since 1952.

Products include fruit drinks, teas and diet/lite items, and they are super-yummy and refreshing after a hot day in the tropical sun.

I like Pass-O-Guava Nectar with passion fruit, orange juice and guava.

My son votes for Passion Orange Drink, with passion fruit and orange.

Grab them in any store in the islands.

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Just So You Know Disclaimer:  The Hawaii Tourism Authority through Cilantro Media is paying my way to Hawaii, and also paying most of my expenses while I am there including lodging.  I am contributing towards my son’s expenses.