Learning Cantonese

Hong Kong street (courtesy filmmaker in Japan on Flickr CC)

I’ve said before that Hong Kong is my favorite city in the world and you should take the kids there for a visit if at all possible. 

This morning, I realized that I’d put a shortcut on my computer desktop to a site called “Learning Cantonese,” but I couldn’t remember what it was so I clicked on it. 

Well.  Glad I saved this.

Author Daisann McLane writes this fabulous blog about living in Hong Kong and the trials, tribulations and bliss therein (including the fact that actually trying to learn Cantonese has sometimes reduced her to tears of frustration.) 

I would love to meet this fellow writer some day, since she also writes a National Geographic Traveler magazine column that I like called “Real Traveler,” plus articles about Caribbean music and books about cheap hotels.

Isn’t it fun to start your morning with a great discovery?

Update today:  I should have also added a link to the BootsnAll Hong Kong [Travel] Logue, a “one-stop travel guide to Hong Kong.”

                                              Hong Kong's Star Ferry coming into Kowloon terminal (courtesy courriel_vert at Flickr CC)

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