Mini-Europe in Brussels, Belgium

Mini People in Mini-Europe, Brussels Belgium (Scarborough photo)Here is an item at Jaunted about a fun family stop in Brussels called Mini-Europe.

It’s scaled-down miniatures of famous European buildings and places.

Walk around the Parthenon in Greece, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (with a little bit of the Berlin Wall as it used to look,) even a small-scale Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Photo Op in Brussels, Belgium (Scarborough photo)

My kids really enjoyed our visit, perhaps because finally those grandiose buildings were scaled for little people and they got to play like Godzilla.

Tons of goofy photo-ops!

That strange atomic-looking thing behind the “Buckingham Palace guard” IS supposed to look like an atom — it’s the giant Atomium, built for an Expo in 1958.

It makes a cool backdrop for the Mini-Europe mini-buildings.

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