More Ideas for Brussels, Belgium

A lot of the Brussels places mentioned in this NY Times Travel article are not really relevant for families, but I do recommend the Ibis Hotels.

Ibis is a hotel chain all over Europe; their properties are normally quite centrally located, and the price is right. Sort of a Days Inn-level place to stay when you don’t want to get fancy but don’t want to stay in some fleabag.

(Don’t get me wrong; sometimes a unique and special hotel or inn is a vital part of really enjoying a destination, but many times you’ll want to save your money, spend a minimal amount on decent lodging, and splurge elsewhere.)

As for food — even if the kids turn up their noses at Belgian mussels, the adults mustn’t. Just get them a grilled cheese sandwich (or Croque Monsieur, same thing with ham) and the parents can dig into the briny little goodies, complete with a helping of good Belgian beer. Ummm. They’ll come with frites, or what we call French Fries, some of the best you’ll ever crunch into.

Can’t miss with Belgian chocolate, either.

They say that the Belgians eat as well as the French and as much as the Germans. Yep, I can vouch for that….great food and plenty of it.