More Ideas for Family Travel to Europe.

My link collection for travel with kids to Europe needs some thinning and distribution to an eagerly-waiting population of readers, so here goes a short link-fest:

Teresa Plowright over at About’s Travel With Kids has all the scoop on a great concept called Center Parcs. These are family-friendly “villages” around Europe that have play areas, pools, recreation options and lodging. Don’t be spooked by the language barrier; English is widely spoken at many of the parks. Check it out….

Want something a little less, umm, Parc-like? How about renting a place to stay on an island in the Mediterranean?  The folks at Untours have lots of “get local” ideas in their e-newsletter the Eurozine, and I bookmarked this one featuring vacation ideas in three island towns: Oia on Santorini, Greece, Hvar Town on Hvar, Croatia and Alghero on Sardinia, Italy. 

Wanna get quirky in Europe and see some unusual stuff?  Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald has a rundown on 10 “Weird and Wonderful” things to see in Europe. I vote for the reenactment of the Battle of Hastings of 1066 (always good to sneak history into your kids’ heads despite their best efforts to keep it out.)

How about some help from Budget Travel’s Trip Coach for a Girl Scout trio’s first trip to Europe? Take a look at some of the wallet-friendly ideas for London and Switzerland. 

Has your son or daughter been taking French classes?  Have them get hot doing some translation work for your trip to Paris; Gridskipper found a link to “Paris Eats Under 35 Euros” but the site’s in French.  Gotta translate for your supper; c’mon, you can do it if you’re hungry enough!

Finally, I’ve posted this before but it bears a repeat — “Europe Through the Back Door” guru Rick Steves has a great page of links for trip planning for Europe. Set aside, oh, a month or so to get through it all. 

Bon Voyage!

PS   This just in from the Chicago Tribune; a rundown on tourist cards/passes for museums, sights and transport in 4 major cities in Europe.

PPS  The UK’s Telegraph online gives a cautionary review of a British Center Parc; good info to know if planning to go to one.