Not Dead Yet: Going to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Well, the challenges of moving from one state to another with husband, two kids, four cats and about 17,000 pounds of household goods has rather taken the wind out of my writing sails this past summer. But, as the headline (and Monty Python) say, I’m “not dead yet.”

Our stuff arrived day before yesterday to our new Texas house, and the prospect of cutting into one more box and failing again to find the cereal bowls has me running to the computer. I have all sorts of family travel ideas and links to write about but can’t seem to find time in between appliance deliveries, cable guys, starting Cub Scouts….and where are those cereal bowls?

So here’s a promise: to get back into the writing swing of things, I’ll post up a travel item today on the Austin, Texas music scene in honor of my two Saturday tickets to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. My husband and I are looking forward to jumping right in to the lively local music scene & having a date together. Still, there’s plenty of stuff around here for kids to hear as well.

How about this: a blog post about every 4-5 boxes? That should get my writing going again AND get the house unpacked.

Note: This is a 22 September 2006 re-post of a 14 September 2006 previously published item, from a Google cache. I am re-creating some recent posts that disappeared in a BootsnAll server crash. The original comments were unfortunately lost.