Nov 1st travel and family Blogtipping

Tip your blogs, not your cows (courtesy Easton Ellsworth)

This is a minor miracle — two months in a row when I’ve remembered to enjoy Blogtipping on the first day of the month.  The wonders of a decently-maintained calendar….

I don’t exactly follow creator Easton Ellsworth’s format for this bloggy activity (he writes Business Blogwire on Know More Media) but I still have fun telling you about three blogs that I think you’ll enjoy:

**  Rick Steves’ Blog Gone Europe.     You didn’t know that Rick blogs?  Well, neither did I until recently, but I’ve always been a fan….his guidebooks (especially those with tips about how to best attack art museums in Europe) simply SAVED me with my itchy kids. Now he’s blogging, most recently about his trips to Greece and Turkey where he deals quite frankly with some controversial topics.

**  Family Hack.     Michael and Hannah run a beautifully laid-out site with marvelous photos, and they provide all sorts of “hacks” (tips to do something more easily) for busy families.  I am not crafty, but am seriously considering making their Decapitated Teddy Bear Flash Drive.  They have a dynamite Travel category, too.

**  Nerd’s Eye View has “a camera, a passport, a ukulele.”     Written by fellow writer, adventure-seeker and Primo Nerd Pam Mandel (who is also the BlogHer Travel editor) these are the thoughts of a great writer, a pretty good ukulele player and a wonderful photographer.  She’s particularly interesting lately because she just landed a guidebook-writing assignment for….Hawaii.  Think that’s paradise?  Track her hair-tugging over it under the Aloha Oy category on her blog.

Happy November blogtipping; now it’s time to put away the witches and ghosts, and pull out those paper kid-handprints-made-into-turkeys.

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