Pay it Forward Tuesday: Visit Gifted Travel

“Pay it Forward Tuesday” is kind of like Blogtipping; one of those things that gets started on one site and spreads until it seems that the whole blogosphere is participating.  It’s like a chain letter/chain email, but much less annoying.

I blew it by not Blogtipping on the 1st of February, but will try again the 1st of March.  Meantime, I want to make up for my laxity by paying it forward — shining a light on a fellow blogger in exchange for my own moment in the spotlight a few weeks back.  Good karma comes back around, you know?

Today I want everyone to run over and visit Shannon Hurst Lane’s Web site Gifted Travel.  

Shannon is a Louisiana gal who posts regularly on the BBS (bulletin board.) She is always helpful, thorough and a positive motivator, so prospective travel writers should also investigate her Travel Writer Tips site. By the way, she pays a small stipend for family-oriented travel articles and asks that you review the writer’s guidelines here before submitting.

Gifted Travel logo, Shannon Hurst Lane

I don’t know where she gets the energy to be all of those wonderful things, because she’s also a full-time firefighter!  Maybe she blogs with one hand and sorts laundry/raises her kids/puts out blazes with the other. 

Gifted Travel has all sorts of articles on getting the most educational value out of trips with your kids.  It’s a fairly new site so the article inventory is still building, but there are terrific contributors like fellow travel blogger Liz Lewis from New Zealand, and long-time writer and photographer Ernest Robl in North Carolina. 

On top of all this good travel scoop on her Web sites, Shannon is running an escorted family travel tour to Chichen Itza, Mexico in May 2007.  Always wanted to teach the kids about ancient Mayan culture? Jump all over that tour.

Thanks, Shannon, for everything that you do for those who love to travel.