Photo of the Week: Baja, California on bikes

A Baja, California cactus dwarfs the Vogel family bikers (courtesy Nancy Sathre-Vogel)(This is a guest photo by Family Travel reader Nancy Sathre-Vogel from Family on Bikes. I’m traveling in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and Chicago this week.)

Look at the bottom of that huge cactus down in Baja, California — that’s part of the Vogel family.

Their triple bike is dwarfed by the size of that plant, isn’t it?

Says Mom Nancy:

“This photo was taken in Baja, California as we cycled the length of the peninsula with our 8-year-old twin boys. My husband and twins rode a bicycle build for three – an enormous bike – which was totally dwarfed by the majestic cardon cactus of the area.

Now we are getting ready to take off to ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina – YIPPEE!!! Six more weeks til we hit the road!

Dreaming of dropping out of society to travel with your kids? Follow along as we do exactly that!

Follow the Vogel family adventures on their blog as well – anyone up for sending them care packages? 🙂