Pumping on a plane: travel while nursing

One of the most active members of our little Family Travel blog community is Debbie over at Delicious Baby.

She writes a great blog that covers a variety of topics, many related to travel, and reading her posts also keeps my memory fresh about all things baby-licious. Sometimes, you know, it’s hard to remember the goo-goo stage when an 8- and 15-year-old are galumping about the house.

Awhile back, I wrote about why nursing is best for a traveling baby, so Debbie let me know recently that she’s just written a whole series (starting with her first post, nursing and pumping on an airplane) about the logistical issues of being a breastfeeding mother who has to pump while traveling and also deal with expressed milk issues.

Ah, brings back such fond memories of when I was standing in some airport bathroom (Denver, was it?) next to the only electric plug, pumping away and feeling, oh, MILDLY conspicuous!

If this describes your life right now, or used to, take a look through her series and do add your comments and suggestions.