Quick Links for London

Big Ben, London

Planning a trip to London this year? Here are a couple of my favorite links to get you started….try LondonTown; on their homepage right now is a downloadable PDF file on London for Families.

For all of us who love Harry Potter movies, don’t miss a chance to see where the scenes were filmed. The comprehensive Visit Britain site has a section that will guide you to London locations from the books and movies , plus lots of others outside the city and around Britain.

I highly recommend London Walks for moderately-priced and well-executed guided strolls around London. They go to familiar tourist spots, but the rather obscure neighborhood or theme walks are even more interesting and fun.

Harry Potter's Platform 9 and 3/4, London (Scarborough photo)

My older daughter and I went on their Pub Walk (she got to drink lots of lemonade.)

We sauntered along the Thames at sunset, saw the outside of the restored Globe Theater, popped into the Tate Modern for a good view, rounded a corner at night to stumble upon a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s “Golden Hind” Elizabethan warship floating in front of us….and of course enjoyed local company in several pubs.

Have a great time, but pack your brolly/umbrella.

Across the Thames from Westminster (Scarborough photo)