Regularly scheduled programming (and we do have some)

As my writing and blogging life gets busier, with some possible consulting work coming up, it’s time to seek order in the universe and create some semblance of a publishing schedule, known in writer parlance as an editorial calendar.

The entrepreneurial life without set working hours (or meetings!) is quite heavenly, unless you’re an inveterate multitasker and overloader who could use a little structure.


So here’s the plan; Family Travel is going to move to roughly Monday-Friday posting, in anticipation of a blog upgrade/re-launch here on BootsnAll in the near future. Here’s the current plan for daily topics, posted here to keep me honest: 🙂

  • Monday – Great Travel Links (news, good articles/blogs/Web sites, updates, tools, products and travel deals.)
  • Tuesday – an original post from me, or a guest post.
  • Wednesday – Photo or Video of the Week (mine or a cool one that I find) and Blog Carnival Round-up, if applicable.
  • Thursday – What’s On Worldwide (worthwhile, often seasonal events for travel with kids in the next week, in the next month or so, and about 3-6 months down the road.)
  • Friday – an original post from me, or a guest post.

I will write extra posts and also post on weekends, or course, if something’s too good to wait. Once I get some tech stuff sorted out, I’ll add more video blog posts and possibly podcasts.

Over at the Perceptive Travel blog, I plan to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because I share writing duties with two other authors on that site.

If you don’t want to have to visit here every day to see what’s new, you can subscribe to my RSS feed. The buttons are at the top of the page.

Ah, now if I can also remember that Wednesday is Laundry Day at my house….