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Road trip help from my teen driver?

“Mom, that’s illegal!!  You’ll get two tickets, one for speeding and one for running a yellow light.”

Sorry, I was in a hurry to get her to, um, driving school on time.

Yes, my teenager is just finishing up driving school, and through her constant front seat critiques I’m getting a refresher course myself in driver safety.  The annoying thing is that she’s usually right.

I wrote up a humorous post, “From the Mouths of (Driving) Babes,” for the blog The Driving Woman, about my teen driver and my new interest in course like the SKILLS Teen School driving class offered by the Texas Driving Experience up in Fort Worth, TX.

The post was included in the latest Carnival of Wheels over at one of my favorites, The Garage Blog. Thanks, Gary!

Does this mean that Sainted Husband and I will soon have some help behind the wheel during road trips?  Absolutely, but not so we can catch a little sleep, that’s for sure.  She’ll be getting valuable seat time/experience and we’ll be teaching, not relaxing.