SOBCon 07, for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers (you!)

I love blogging, especially the wonderful people I meet in the blogosphere.

It’s not surprising; bloggers are just writers online (with a somewhat different bag of tricks, to be sure) and since writing tends to be a solitary profession, the more gabby and social of us really enjoy the chance to meet fellow writers.  

This Friday, I’m flying to Chicago from Texas for basically one day of blog-o-mania.  It will be worth every penny and every moment of lost sleep — not to mention having dinner with Wendy Perrin of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, whom I convinced to drop everything and attend since she blogs at the Perrin Post.  I participated in a fun contest on her blog and did well enough to win a chance at dinner, and we found that our paths would intersect in Chi-town.

SOBCon 07 (for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers) will be hosted by community-builder Liz Strauss and a gaggle of extraordinary speakers and panelists.  One of them was even featured by a Business Week blogger….

In the May 08 issue of his column, Nussbaum on Design, Bruce Nussbaum shines the light on SOBCon and speaker David Armano.

“Blog conferences are proliferating and I think it’s because people are discovering that blogging – blogging with a purpose – is harder than it appears. This is a lesson that I’m discovering as I meander into the blogopshere. If you want to influence an audience, you actually have to know how.

And there is no better teacher of these skills than David Armano over at Logic + Emotion. David is talking this Saturday at SOBCon07 (who makes this stuff up?) about taking blogs to the next level.”

“If you want to influence an audience, you actually have to know how.”  Very true.

The Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference begins this Friday, May 11, with a great bang and fanfare. Check the Schedule Of Events for all the details.

If you haven’t registered, there is still room, so sign up now to ensure a seat in this jam-packed conference.

The conference is at the Hotel Sofitel Chicago O’Hare
5550 North River Road, Rosemont in Chicago.
Tel: (+1)847/678-4488

Need directions? Here’s the Sofitel Chicago O’Hare Hotel on Google Maps for driving directions.

The hotel is sold out but there are other places to stay nearby. Check the Accommodations list.

Some of the brightest blogging stars and experts in blog building will be at the conference, sponsored by Blog Herald, Blog Talk Radio, Evoca, Podblaze, MyBlogLog, TheGoodBlogs, Haneberg Management, among others.

The speakers include Phil Gerbyshak of Make It Great!, David Armano of Logic + Emotion, Andy Sernovitz author of Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Liz Strauss of Successful and Oustanding Bloggers, Mike Sansone of Conversations and BlogTalk Radio, Drew McLellan of Drew’s Marketing Minute, Mike Wagner of Own Your Brand, Rodney Rumford of PodBlaze, Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog, Chris Cree of Success CREEations, Scott Rafer of MyBlogLog, Vernon Lun of The Good Blogs, Diego Orjuela of Evoca, Wendy Piersall of eMoms at Home, Terry Starbucker of Ramblings from a Glass Half Full, and many other blogging experts.

This is your last chance for this one-time blogger’s special event, so sign up now and learn how to take your blog beyond.

Need more convincing? Here is what others have been saying about it:

What more do you need? See you there!   

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