South America and family info in latest blog carnival

Family Travel posts are featured in two blog carnivals this week.

The current Carnival of Cities has posts from Preston to Dubai and is hosted by the Buenos Aires Argentina Guide.

As usual there are plenty of interesting places to visit (including my post about Historic Jamestowne, Virginia) but I wanted to call special attention to a couple of South American blogs, since I’ve never made it to either city mentioned….

Says carnival host Alan Patrick,

** São Paulo, Brazil: Tony Galvez posts about the slightly unusual idea of a Japanese Festival in Brazil on his Brazil Travel Blog, with lots of photos from this colorful event.

  ** Buenos Aires, Argentina: My friend Dalila presents her 7 things to do on your visit to Palermo Viejo, the coolest area of Buenos Aires, in her blog Trendy Palermo Viejo. Some nice tips there, Dalila – I really should get hold of some of those free maps of Palermo for myself. :)

The Carnival of Family Life is hosted by the Be A Good Mom blog, and among the many offerings is this heartrending post by Penelope Trunk, who presents My first day of marriage counseling posted at Brazen Careerist.  I read Penelope regularly and sometimes find her searing honesty uncomfortable (as do many commenters on the post) but I’m so glad that there are journalists like her out there.

Finally, my Perceptive Travel blog post on the joys of Japanese vending machines was featured on the new Carnival of Travel Articles, hosted by Travel Minx.

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