Start Your Planning Engines for Summer Vacations

Sorry to be a nag, but the word seems to be that people are booking early this year for summer 2006 vacations, so if you want to go to prime beach/lake spots or popular destinations, the time to get going is now.

This summer travel article from “Forbes” posted on MSNBC recommends various swank hotels (nope, I’ve never stayed in the Hotel de Crillon in Paris) so I’m less interested in the lodging options discussed than I am the general idea that this is not a good year to dawdle.

Even if they do say that summer gasoline may go to $4 a gallon.

Of course, if you’re shelling out $1250 a day at The Point, Lake Saranac, New York, as mentioned in the “Forbes” piece, you don’t give a rip about gas prices.