Stop into China’s rbt for tea and juice drinks

I’m always hearing the China Business Network‘s Christine Lu on Twitter going on about picking up her favorite Jasmine Boba Tea.

While we were in Shanghai together on the China 2.0 Tour, she took me to the chain place that offers her favorite version of the drink.

The drink/light food restaurant rbt (“real brewed tea”) has a little green rabbit as a mascot and modern green decor (plus a couple of swings to hang out in.)

Its menu features a variety of tea-based drinks that I enjoyed and that I think would appeal to kids.

rbt brings Taiwanese-style tea drinks to much of China, with the added fun of little liquid-filled “boba” or bubbles/balls made of tapioca.

You suck them up, along with the milky green tea, through a special large straw.

Kids will like the juices and smoothies as well, so stop by rbt for some refreshment if you happen to spy the little green rabbit.

Here are the locations in Hong Kong, in mainland China (listings in Chinese) and in Malaysia and (wow) Albuquerque, New Mexico.