Success in travel writing and blogging

Many folks ask me how to get started as a travel writer and blogger, so it was a pleasure to participate in two recent email interviews that can partly answer that question.

***  On the Netherlands-based blog The Happy Hotelier, I answered 10 Questions for Sheila Scarborough of Family Travel Logue, including how I got started as a writer, my top 3 destination experiences and why I don’t really care about hotels. Thanks, Guido!

***   On Working Your Way Around the World (based on the soon-to-be-published book of the same name, about how to be a digital nomad) you’ll find Interview with a Travel Writer: Sheila Scarborough where I discuss the differences between writing for print and writing for the Web, how I find new ideas and what I want to do next.  Thanks, Thursday!

Please drop by each of these excellent blogs and tell Guido and Thursday hello….