Talking with the Traveling Mamas

The Traveling Mamas (courtesy the Traveling Mamas)

The four dynamite women known as the Traveling Mamas have always been some of our most stalwart Family Travel Logue supporters (photo courtesy the Traveling Mamas.)

They hail from California, Louisiana, Arizona and the Colorado Rockies — I’ve known Jennifer, Shannon, Beth and Kara individually as writers, but now that they’ve banded together, it’s a lot easier to keep track of their activities!

We met in person for the first time here in Kansas City, where we are wrapping up the Travel Media Showcase conference.

I grabbed three of them in a hallway and we did a quick audio interview using my cell phone and the Utterz Web site.

Mama Shannon is not here because she’s tied up with post-Hurricane Gustav business in her Louisiana hometown; can you help out some Moms down in Baton Rouge, LA?

—>Click here to listen to the Traveling Mamas two-minute audio interview on Utterz.<—