Taste of Chicago: Garrett Popcorn

An advertisement for the Chicago Mix at Garrett Popcorn (Scarborough photo)When I travel, I love to seek out those unique attractions or events or food/drink that can only be found in certain places.

In Chicago, Illinois, I found Garrett Popcorn.

Now, I don’t leap out of bed in the morning in search of popcorn. It’s an OK food, but not one of my top favorites.

Still, I’d heard that Garrett in Chicago is special, so since I’m here in the Windy City for the SOBCon08 blogging conference, I headed out in search of the crunchy stuff.

My finger-licking scouting report: this is one bag of greasy, yummy, super-fabulous popcorn.

I couldn’t decide between the CaramelCrisp and the CheeseCorn, but I didn’t have to: Garrett’s sells “The Mix” with both of them mixed together.

Warning — you’ll need a serious pile of napkins to survive a buttery, well-lubed Garrett eating session.

There are several locations in Chicago (670 North Michigan Avenue plus some others) and two locations in New York City. The store locator page can help you find Garrett, or if you can’t make it to Chicago, just order online from their Web site.

I’ve found a new addiction.

Do you have a favorite local food or drink? Please share it down in the comments!

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