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The Carnival of Cities got its tent stuck

As many of you know, I set up, launched and occasionally ran a blog carnival, the Carnival of Cities, for Home Turf Media.

The owner of Home Turf has sold/disbanded the network and the Carnival needed a permanent logistics home, so I offered to host it (at least temporarily) here on the Family Travel blog.

I have the emailed submissions, and my plan was to post it today, but I’ve run into access problems on the main Blog Carnival site.  Not a big crisis, but I need a little time to sort things. 

I will try to email all of the submitters to let them know that I have their material and will post the Carnival as soon as possible (shooting for tomorrow, Tuesday 5 Feb) but meantime I wanted to get something up explaining the situation in case anyone comes here to FT.

Thanks for your patience!

Update 6 February 08:  Well, that was a bust. Big-time computer connectivity issues just got fixed this afternoon; I still can’t get into the Blog Carnival site but am now going to stitch the Carnival together anyway.  Thanks again for hanging in there….