The Relationship Blogger: not a one-link stand

One-link stand — I wish I could claim credit for such a great line, but it belongs to one of my favorite mentors and friends in the on- and off-line world, Liz Strauss at Successful Blog.

A year ago this month I wrote a tribute to Liz for all of the help and guidance she’s offered. It was titled A Place To Come Home To: Successful Blog, because at Liz’s place, you’re only a stranger once.

This year, Liz threw another virtual party and invited a bunch of friends from around the world to visit Successful Blog, say hello and bring a link that was special to them.

You know me, I wandered in late as usual, but I took a post about the Dutch Waddenzee Islands, Texel and Terschelling in the North Sea because it’s like Liz; unusual and welcoming and a little off the beaten path (the Nov/Dec 07 National Geographic Traveler magazine Destinations Rated/Islands article lists Texel as a lovely “pastoral experience.”)

In tribute to all that Liz teaches me about community, I’m going to blast out the many wonderful links that Successful Blog birthday partiers brought to the festivities, and thank Liz again for her encouragement and vision.

These Links Were Shared in Just the First 210 Comments!!

And then up to comment #440….

Thanks to Liz and everyone for, as always, a great conversation….