The travel blogger’s lament

You know what drives travel bloggers crazy?

We don’t have time to blog when we travel.

I mean, we do only if we don’t sleep.

Sure, just gather info all day, take notes, shoot video, shoot photos, then spend all night drafting blog posts, uploading/grooming/tagging video, uploading/grooming/tagging photos and launching all of that info out into the blogosphere.

Just add a lot of Red Bull to your life, right?

I’ve been here in China (on the China 2.0 Tour) since November 9, in both Beijing and Shanghai, and have oodles of material for the Family Travel blog and other blogs/publications, but either no time to craft posts or no WiFi to upload it to the world.

All of us on the Tour have been actively covering Tour events on Twitter, but it doesn’t quite have the richness of a full blog post.

So, I ask for your patience until I can get some combination of time and connectivity. Meantime, here I am at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, under the watchful eyes of Chairman Mao’s portrait, and having the time of my life.

You’ll just have to trust me on that until I have time to tell you more. 🙂