THIS is why you take children to Hawaii

Surfing in front of Oahu's Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii (photo by Waikiki Beach Services)Thank you, Don “Lips” Fujiyama and Aaron Char from Waikiki Beach Services….

They worked patiently  with my 9-year-old son one morning to get him upright on a surfboard.

He’s still talking about it.

He won’t take off his black Waikiki Beach Services protective surf shirt (that thing could stand up on its own in a corner by now, it’s so salty and grimy.)

He wants to go back to the islands and surf again, and I’m already trying to figure out how to get us there.

That’s what a visit to the islands is all about, bruddah!

Just So You Know Disclaimer:  The state Hawaii Tourism Authority through Cilantro Media paid my way to Hawaii for the So Much More Hawaii bloggers tour, and also paid most of my expenses while I was there.