This is your brain on corn

                            See this cornfield? This is mostly what we've looked at for days. (Scarborough photo)

See this Missouri cornfield?  Or maybe it was an Illinois cornfield.  They are beginning to run together.

Now, put this picture on both sides of your vehicle, run the corn out to the horizon, and drive past it for, oh, days and days. 

Alternate occasionally with soybeans.

That is when you understand why this is “America’s Breadbasket” or whatever agricultural blurb you want to come up with.

                             Grain silos in Griggsville, IL (Scarborough photo)

Then see what your teen calls “the biggest freakin’ grain thingies” on the planet in Griggsville IL. 

Learn from a local guy that at harvest time, these humongous silos are all filled and a gazillion bushels of stuff are spread out on the ground behind the silos because there’s no room for it.

That is your brain on corn during a Midwest road trip.