Tips for Tuscany and the ProBlogger Guy

Duomo di Siena, Tuscany, Italy (courtesy Geo8 at Flickr Creative Commons)If you want some fresh, no-holds-barred advice on travel to Tuscany (my post on Pisa/Florence with kids is a bit long in the tooth, although I try to add links with updated info) look no further than the Tuscany lists.

It’s Leif Pettersen’s latest post on his trenchant Killing Batteries travel writing blog.

Leif is usually offering up his expertise in Romania and Moldova, among other garden spots, but thanks to a scheduling glitch with Lonely Planet‘s guide to Tuscany, he’s been able to live the “high life” (not!) updating the LP Tuscany guidebook.

He’s definitely become one of my Five Travel Blogs You Gotta Read, which is the post I did for the Perceptive Travel blog as a part of Aussie Darren Rowse’s latest ProBlogger Group Writing Project.

If you’ve never participated in one of these Projects, and you’re a blogger or like to read blogs, get your self over (Down Under?) to the fabulous ProBlogger site and check out the Project.

It’s a no-brainer for fun and bloggy traffic.

If you participate in his Group Writing Project, and follow the directions, Darren generously links up to your blog and your post. Now, if you’re a biggie like LifeHacker or something, that’s no big deal to you. But if you’re like most of us, toiling out here in the hinterlands with pretty good traffic but not blowing anyone away, a couple of big fat links from ProBlogger are a nice gust of exposure.

Even better, you’ll find hundreds of new blogs to enjoy, and they will find you.

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