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Tis the season for gingerbread pigs

A marranitos Mexican gingerbread molasses pig cookie from Juarez Bakery and Restaurant, Round Rock TX (photo by Sheila Scarborough)Well, not really gingerbread (they’re usually made with molasses) but they ARE shaped like pigs!  I don’t think they’re just a holiday item, either, but since it’s December, I’ll offer them as a Gingerbread Man alternative that I found in my local Juarez Mexican bakery and restaurant in Round Rock, Texas.

If you have such a bakery in your town, stop by and look for this cookie, called a marranitos although this description and recipe says that some Mexican-American communities call them cochinos or puerquitos.

For more about my local bakery, don’t miss the (ever-awesome) Taco Journalism’s review of the Juarez.

Do you eat these piggies in your family? Comments below are welcome!