Travel and family blogtipping 12.1.2007

Tip your blogs, not your cows (courtesy Easton Ellsworth)It’s the first of the month and time to join the honored Business Blogwire custom of Blogtipping three blogs that I enjoy and think you might want to know about:

  1. BootsnAll Logues. OK, shameless plug here, because over the next few months the Family Travel blog is going to be transformed into one of these specialized BootsnAll “logues” (short for “travelogue” and yes, I think the term is a little clunky, too.) Despite my editorial grumbling, I know you’ll enjoy the many localized topic areas on the Logues, including Bali, Paris, South Africa, Hawaii, Eco Travel, Adventure Travel and even one for soccer/”real” football, the Offside.
  2. Fly Away Cafe. I’m a big fan of do-it-all Mary Jo Manzanares, who is a writer, editor, speaking coach, lawyer AND a flight attendant. Her Fly Away Cafe blog covers her flight attendant life, and she just started a handy series called “Back to Basics” that can help new and less-experienced flyers in the confusing post-9/11 world. (If you live in or near the Seattle, WA area, also check out her Seattle Traveler blog.)
  3. Globespotters. You can’t get much better; local information written by the International Herald Tribune reporters who live in Rome, Berlin, my favorite city of Hong Kong, Istanbul, London and a few others. There are all sorts of little insights that you won’t get unless you really spend time pounding the pavement for months/years, so it’s great to find experienced writers who live in some of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Thanks for the opportunity to recognize some great blogs out there!

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