Travel in Europe: The Impact of Low-Cost Airlines

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that we flew Ryanair for a family trip to Italy; couldn’t beat the price of about US$140 for a family of four, the Netherlands to Italy, round-trip.

What I found interesting about this Business Week article is that these LCCs (low-cost carriers) are apparently driving some of the “union” part of the vaunted European Union.  People are hopping a plane and going all over the continent, exploring places that they might not have considered a few years ago. 

Said one Briton in the article, “I’ve been to places I’ve never even heard of just because it’s so cheap.”

I know that some of you are feverishly planning your travel with kids to Europe this summer; keep in mind that if your time is very limited, you can’t assume that the trains (much as I love them) are always the cheapest or best way to get to your destinations.

Hopping a plane may be just the ticket for your family.