Travel links round-up

I want to thank all of the blog carnivals that included my blog posts in the past few weeks — we’re all over the blogosphere.

This week’s Carnival of Cities on the IgoUgo travel blog featured Family Travel’s Get rubbed the right way in London, about the London Brass Rubbing Centre.  They also included a Perceptive Travel blog post about the amazing Renninger’s Flea Market down in Mount Dora, Florida (near Orlando; it would make a fun side trip from you-know-where.)

I enjoyed a quick “trip” to India from this carnival:

  • IndiaAlfa King writes from his home in Mauritius, but his mind is squarely in India as he demystifies Divali so we too can enjoy the Hindu holiday with a delicious gâteau batate.
  • Goa, India:  Blogger Sidhusaaheb, on the other hand, is actually in India, where he introduces us to Goa through the city’s often overlooked villas.”

The Principled Discovery blog hosted the 97th Carnival of Homeschooling; it featured the Family Travel post about 7 museums where history lives (a worldwide tour of living history museums.)

Principled Discovery did a great job of taking lots of submissions about all aspects of homeschooling and turning them into sort of a “curriculum.”  I liked the ones on art and music in education:

On November 1st we went Blogtipping, and I posted about three blogs that I’ve found and enjoy.  The Blogtipping Guru himself, Easton Ellsworth, was kind enough to mention it on his Business Blogwire blog.  Thanks also go out to November tippers  SizlakSandy RenshawDrew McLellanMelonie and Rob O.

The Carnival of Family Life – Bonfire Edition commemorated Guy Fawkes Night, and also featured the FT post Is there any doubt about car seats and air travel?

Finally, I’m a little late, but my “frustrated traveler” post entitled I’m paying HOW much to be unimpressed? over on the Perceptive Travel blog was featured in the Customer Service Carnivale “Gumbo Edition.”

For travelers who drink all of that bottled water, I was struck by a post on the Customer Service Carnivale that was written by Charles H. Green, Customers and Bottled Water: It’s the Coverup Not the Crime.  Charles says, “One of the trickiest problems for customer service is when marketing has sold a product as something it really isn’t.”

Thanks for all of the great links and carnival action.

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