Travel Tips (i.e. watch ’em cook before you eat it)

Featured on Rolf Pott’s Vagablogging, the San Francisco Chronicle travel editor has a quick list of tips for travel.

I agree with the tip on eating street food; if you can stand right there and watch them make your yakitori or whatever (ensuring it’s cooked long enough) you’ll probably be OK.  I must confess that I have a relatively cast-iron stomach, though.  Reasonable precautions should suffice, but never travel without adult and children’s tummy meds, just in case.

It’s also true that the tip about getting up and out fairly early in the morning will get you nice, quiet streets and a sense of place.  No early riser I, but when rousted out for quick morning jogs in San Francisco and Ireland, I was rewarded with barking seals at Pier 39 and mist curling around the ruined turret of an Irish castle (looked like a whiskey advertisement.)  

So get outta bed, already!