Travel to a Summer Music Festival.

Canada’s Globe & Mail travel section has an article highlighting some 2006 summer music festivals around the globe.  This might be fun if you travel with teenagers and both of you like music. 

My daughter, one of her friends and I just attended a Switchfoot concert and had a great time (even standing in line afterwards for autographs.) Obviously a big, sweaty, mosh-pitted outdoor festival is on a different scale, but if you and your kid are up to it, why not?

If rock’s not your thing, there are so many other options: in Newport, Rhode Island alone is the world-class Folk Festival (sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts….what? I’m missing the folkie-donut connection) and Jazz Festival.  Lots of other cool music at Festival Productions.

For an interesting twist on this topic, here’s one blogger’s rundown on Chinese rock bands trying to play in certain places outside of China.  I found the link in the Global Voices Travel section, a jam-packed commentary compilation featuring non-US bloggers.