Trend Watch: New Parent Vacations

Here’s something from the Austin (TX) American-Statesman; getaways targeted to expectant parents and the parents of newborns.  “Babymoons.”

Some interesting ideas and packages are detailed in the article. A vacation before the baby comes IS a nice idea; not sure if the expense of a package is worth it right after the birth.  

I don’t think I did anything in particular before my daughter came, but while pregnant with my son I went to “Mom & Me” Girl Scout camp with my daughter.  Guess that doesn’t count since my husband wasn’t along.  Ever see a pregnant woman in a kapok in a canoe?  Kinda scary from a waterborne craft stability angle.

I will say that with each of my kids, we were living on the East Coast at the time, and at about the 4 week mark of maternity leave I got really stir-crazy.  That’s when we took post-baby road trips to New York City….popped the new baby into a sling/Snugli and went all over Manhattan. 

No heavy-duty agenda, lots of walking/eating/resting/nursing.  Had a great time (although my old-school Mom was horrified that I’d take a newborn out into the open world like that.  My theory: more germ exposure results in more immunities. She didn’t buy it.)