Trip Planning for Europe: Lots o’ Links

Here’s a useful CNN article on European trip planning, with plenty of links (especially for transportation) to help you plan.

There are lots of options for train travel in Europe that work really well with kids; they like to move around the train during the trip, see something out of the windows and generally enjoy the magic that is rail travel.

Remember, the train is not always the cheapest way to go, since Europe abounds with low-fare airlines. We’ve used Ryanair several times….it’s pretty bare-bones, but the price is right. 

You’ll have to balance the convenience of trains (arriving/departing right in the center of town) with an airport arrival/departure, as well….while schlepping suitcases and kid toys…..and you can spread out better on a train, if it isn’t too crowded.

Am I showing a bias?