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Who's that guy?  Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger (photo courtesy Darren Rowse)
Blogging is all about community through comments, feedback and links. I enjoy being electronically “out and about,” looking for not only for good travel ideas but also learning about other bloggers and communicators.

Anyone who starts blogging is going to eventually learn about Aussie Darren Rowse and his ProBlogger site. It’s a real giant in the online world, so I’m thrilled to report that Darren accepted a guest post from me that went online yesterday, “Why Twitter Isn’t a Waste of Time.”

Twitter is just one of those many Web 2.0 applications that you keep hearing about: MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. Blogging is considered a “Web 2.0” application as well, because like the others, one of its bedrock ideas is two-way communication.

I don’t jump into every application that I see, but after following my old friend Dwight Silverman on Twitter and reading his thoughts about it on his TechBlog, I went for it.

Twitter is basically Instant Messaging to a Web site; a stream of micro blog posts answering the question, “What are you doing right now?” although I prefer another question; “What’s on your mind right now?” It’s great for people like me who can’t shut up. 🙂

Read through my Twitter feed at if you want to see what I talk about, and sign up to follow me if you’d like.

Since I read just about everything in Darren’s Blogging for Beginners ProBlogger section last spring as I began building Family Travel, it’s a real honor to now be in a position to contribute something to him.

Here’s why online networking is so cool — my on- and off-line friend Connie Reece mentioned my ProBlogger guest post on Twitter yesterday, and her friend Kim (khaynes) saw the “tweet,” went and read my post and then was kind enough to write about it on her Texas Gal Ramblings blog. We found that we both live in the Austin area; who knew?

For a more humorous summary of Twitter, here is a great graphic from Pete Cashmore at Mashable:

Evolution of social media apps (courtesy Pete Cashmore at Mashable)

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