Video Series Part One: Inexpensive Travel Souvenirs

(This series is cross-posted with the Perceptive Travel blog.)

I envy those folks who travel but don’t have a burning desire to bring back tokens of their visits. My own home bulges with tangible reminders of the places I’ve been lucky enough to see.

The ideal travel souvenir is relatively inexpensive, evocative of its origin and (hopefully) useful in one’s daily life. It’s easy to find costly items to bring back that serve no function other than as dust collectors or to impress others, but the true traveler’s challenge is to find unique, fun mementos that bring good memories without flattening the wallet.

In the video below (Part One of a three-part video series – here’s Part Two and Part Three) I discuss a variety of ideas for inexpensive travel souvenirs that can be found just about anywhere in the world. There’s no shopping snobbery here; ideas include plastic floatie pens and medical supplies. (!)

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Correction: the Hong Kong map I show is in Chinese, not Japanese (duh) and I said it was a two-part series, but it’s a three-part.

Update 15 Feb 4 pm, the video has been mysteriously “deleted,” so am working with tech support to restore it. The URL link above for YouTube DOES work. Thanks!

Update 18 Feb, now I’m going to try an embed box straight from YouTube.