Video: the Beijing to Shanghai overnight train

During the China 2.0 Tour, our blogger gaggle took the “soft sleeper” overnight train from Beijing to Shanghai, China. We left at about 7:30 pm at night from Beijing and arrived Shanghai at 7 am.

In China, perfect strangers share four-person compartments (both men and women together) but we re-jiggered compartment assignments as much as we could to have at least a few of our 2.0 Tour bloggers in the same compartment.

I shared with two very nice Chinese passengers and the ever-buoyant and enjoyable David Feng.

We had dinner aboard the train and I slept like the proverbial log. Something very soothing about that clickety-clack….

For my RSS readers and anyone else who can’t see the video box below, here is the URL for the video on YouTube.