What do I always pack on a trip?

Gobelins Art Belgian tapestry bags (photo by Sheila Scarborough)When it’s time to get it all into a carryon suitcase, I travel light….but when it’s time for a road trip in our minivan, I pack everything but snowshoes.

What goes with me every time?  I just wrote a guest post about that on Practical Travel Gear.

Here’s the first item:

1.  Tapestry bags for jewelry

I picked up two Gobelins Art tapestry bags in Belgium because, hey, that plus lace and chocolate is what you buy in Belgium!

One is small and zippered and takes a few necklaces, pins and spare watches (a Timex and Swatch that look fancier than they are) and the other is actually a snap-closure coin purse that I use for earrings.

It keeps those small, frisky gold studs from wandering off and having parties with the missing socks from my dryer.

Want to know more?

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