What Lies Beneath? Intriguing Cold War online exhibit from Britain’s Imperial War Museum

A recent letter from one of my readers led me to a terrific “online exhibition” about British experiences in the Cold War – it is very well done and would be suitable for tweens and teens, whether they’re on a trip to the UK or not….

From reader Tom:

“Hi Sheila,

My name is Tom and I’m from the UK. Just getting in touch as I have a great suggestion for a family activity in London.

I recently had a day out with my kids at the Imperial War Museum. Whilst we were there, we saw this being advertised….

(If you can’t see the box below, here’s the direct link to the video URL.)

This short video is an ‘introduction’ to this [site] https://www.whatliesbeneath.org.uk

When we got back we went online to investigate. It’s a site that acts as an online exhibition of sorts, looking at the Cold War. Clearly it is aimed at slightly older children, but my eldest boy (who is 12) absolutely loved it (probably something to do with the fact that he wants to be James Bond!) I thought it was an excellent way to finish the trip, but I think it could even be a good stand-alone activity. It’s fun and interactive and they can learn a bit at the same time, which is always a bonus. It can also act as a bit of an introduction to the [Imperial War Museum] itself if perhaps people are unsure if they want to visit or not.

I’d like to help spread the word a bit so as other parents and their children can get as much enjoyment out of it as we did, so it would great if you could post it.”

Sure, Tom, and thanks very much for sending the info!

This seems like a great way to learn history in an interesting, interactive way (and not least because I discovered the James Bond books as a teen myself, and was enthralled.)  Check it out online, follow the Museum on Twitter, and plan a stop at the Museum the next time you’re in London.