When Your Blog Blows Up.

There’s nothing like sitting down at the ol’ laptop, clicking on the Favorites link to your family travel blog, and finding that the last month has disappeared; posts, links, comments and all.

Apparently, the BootsnAll folks had some server crashes and backup problems, and the last backup they could salvage was 17 August.  I was absolutely horrified, and a little confused as to how their daily backups could have failed so badly.  The recovery guidance was to go to Google, find the cached articles and copy/paste them back onto the blog. 

It is a free service to have my blog hosted here, and I suppose that I get what I pay for.  I’ve also suffered this “Whoops: Lost Data” fate twice while in the Navy, even with some pretty high-powered tech help.

It happens.

I’m sure the BootsnAll folks will put measures in place to prevent this from ruining my day again. 

The good news is that I’d been feeling terribly guilty about my lack of posts this summer because of our move from Florida to Texas, but this writerly sloth on my part meant that I didn’t have to do as much work to rebuild. It is obviously time to start backing up my posts myself, perhaps on a thumb drive.

Procrastination wins again!

Other blogs like Escape Wisconsin and Killing Batteries are logging online and screeching in agony about their lost posts; I feel your pain, fellow writers. 

Meantime, I’m busy this weekend wearing my sportswriter hat in Ennis, Texas (south of Dallas) blogging about NHRA drag racing for Fast Machines, the motorsports blog, at the O’Reilly Fall Nationals.