Where Y’at? Cajun Country Still Ready for Travelers

Let me join in with this USA Today Travel article on the current state of tourism in Louisiana’s Cajun Country….get down there and visit!

This area fortunately did not get walloped quite as badly by Katrina as people may think, and it’s a fun family destination.

We’ve been to several of the places mentioned in the article, and I can personally vouch for Champagne’s Swamp Tours; (they pronounce it “shawm-PAN-yeh;”) they did a terrific job in an environmentally-sensitive manner. My kids loved it and we all learned a lot about the Atchafalaya ecosystem.

Atchafalaya Swamp near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana (Scarborough photo)

Cajun music is also irresistible to everyone, especially kids, and our family enjoyed a visit to Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge as noted in the article.

If you are up for some crowds, also consider attending this year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival April 28-30 and May 5-7 2006.

Here’s the Web site for a look at the awesome music lineup.

It’s all a positive way to vote/support with your wallet.