Why security concerns prevent me from using TripIt

burglar-alarm-courtesy-takomabibelot-on-flickr-ccI’ve registered on the TripIt travel plan sharing site, but I haven’t posted any of my own travel plans.

I’m pretty comfortable with online transparency across social media networks, but this one gives me the creepies. Here’s why….

Way back when I was a kid, I read a book by a convicted thief entitled “Are You Safe From Burglars?”

I wouldn’t say it made me hyper-concerned about burglars stealing from my home, but since then I’ve always been rather careful about preparing my house before a trip so that it doesn’t look empty and inviting to thieves.

Deadbolt locks, lights on timers, suspending newspaper deliveries, yard service keeping things mowed. You know, the usual.

My concern with TripIt, and any other time that I broadcast my travel plans too specifically on Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. is that some smart person out there will say, “Sounds like a great time to go hit THAT house, since now I know that she won’t be in it.”

Of course, just because I’m gone doesn’t mean that some of my family isn’t still there, but why tempt Fate?

Yes, yes, I know that my plans on TripIt are only supposed to go to people I’ve allowed into my network, but does anyone really think that any online privacy or security set-up is that airtight?

Me, either.

It’s the nature of the digital beast. Assume no privacy, be reasonably cautious (and back up your data.)

Some might find it strange that I don’t worry at all about arranging get-togethers via Twitter with people I’ve never met in person (“tweet-ups”) and I don’t worry about the Booger Man showing up at such events and clocking me over the head, but I do worry about giving too much information to the Burglar Man/Woman.

Everyone has their personal firewall when it comes to Web disclosure, and I guess TripIt is mine.

Your thoughts?  The comments section below is wide open for you….