Wrap up gifts for travelers right here

Here it comes, for those who celebrate Christmas — a weekend early in December when you really want to knock out some of your Christmas shopping.

Since most of my readers are either big travel enthusiasts themselves, or know someone who is (and because the ever-awesome Amazon Wish List can’t cover everything) here are some gift ideas that I’ve scooped up around the Web:

** Budget-minded “Cheapest Destinations” travel expert Tim Leffel has 10 Travel Gear Gifts Under $20.

** The UK’s Times Online offers 25 travel gadgets for Christmas from stores worldwide, and the Chicago Tribune chimes in with gift ideas for your favorite traveler.

** Prefer something made by people rather than machines? Check out Budget Travel‘s list of hip ‘n’ handmade cool craft fairs. Another gift idea….the magazine also publishes The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers, and they just posted 20 gifts from New York City museums.

** Smarter Travel suggests great gifts for traveling families.

** Fellow writer Pam Mandel over at BlogHer Travel has her own traveler’s holiday gift guide. Another BlogHer editor, Laina Dawes, has 10 gifts to promote cultural awareness.

** The Miami Herald puts in a plug for one of my favorite travel-related online boutiques, Flight 001 (they do have freestanding stores in LA, San Francisco, Berkeley, Dubai, Chicago, Manhattan and Brooklyn.)

** Do you have a history enthusiast to please? BlogHer’s Kim Pearson has gift ideas for history buffs and Maria Niles has you covered if you need a holiday gift guide for music lovers. Armchair travelers will want to see the UK’s Guardian recommendations for best travel books for Christmas, and outdoor adventure people might like an annual parks pass. Foodies will be all over the ultimate food gift guide for the holidays.

** Need something for that favorite teacher? Here are top 10 gifts for teachers, and they may actually be excited about them since they aren’t another coffee mug with Best Teacher on it.

** Note to those who may be considering buying Amazon’s new electronic book/blog/newspaper reader, the Kindle: make sure that you have wireless coverage to support it. They don’t in the Dakotas, Wyoming or Montana.

Happy shopping and/or crafting to all of you.

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