Yeah or Nay? Family sections on Southwest Airlines

Mark Ashley blogs at Upgrade: Travel Better and he has a recent post asking readers for their opinion on the Southwest Airlines initiative to have family-only sections on some of their flights (those departing from San Antonio, Texas.)

Here are his poll results so far:

Is Southwest’s “family boarding” a great idea or a new travel annoyance?

Total Votes: 253    (Started: July 27, 2007) 

Full disclosure: I voted for #3, “A” boarding group and then families, but honestly, I hate the whole cattle call routine and probably should have voted for #1, “Eww.” 

I have become a big fan of checking in online and printing my own boarding pass, and I do prefer assigned seating. 

Family travel and flying is a hot topic these days (as usual, uber-guru and travel Mom Wendy Perrin has great tips on flying with a toddler — how not to get kicked off a plane.)

What are your thoughts?