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Yes, I’m open to guest posts on this blog

Y’all may have noticed that I’m doing a lot of speaking and business bootstrapping and general running around lately.

In light of these demands on my travel time (plus my kids are 17 and 10, so I’m losing that, er, toddler perspective) I’m open to guest posts about family travel if they’re a good fit for the blog.

This is NOT a move to have a blog-written-by-random-people-so-it-sucks-because-it-loses-its-voice.

It’s just a note that I am not averse to occasionally featuring some other perspectives here, if the info is good.  300 – 500 words, maybe a few of your photos, link back to your site….pretty straightforward.  Can’t pay you (sorry!) in anything but a link, but we all know links are golden.  For those who would like a more formal arrangement, BootsnAll (they host this blog) does pay for travel articles.

Guest posts do two things:

  1. Brings fresh info to the blog, particularly about places that I don’t know much about, and
  2. Keeps me from losing my mind with obligation overload, which we all know would be a Bad Thing.

So, if you have kids and a possible post of interest, email me at sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com and we’ll see about getting your name in lights.