You Can Travel Long-Term with Kids

So often, round-the-world and long-term travelers are told that it’s a good thing they are “doing it before kids” – the implication, of course, being that such an adventure would be impossible with a child in tow. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and more and more families are realizing the job of taking a long-term trip together.

There are definitely some challenges to taking an RTW trip with kids. How will the kids cope without a home base and all their familiar friends? What about all the gear that kids need: diapers, clothes…not to mention their favorite toys? And how far behind will they fall in school if they take several months or a year off?

But for every challenge there is a solution, and for every reason why it’s too hard or too dangerous, there are even more reasons to travel around the world with kids. Children are far more resilient than we often think and they need far fewer possessions than advertisers want us to believe. Many families travel around the world with one backpack per person – and do it easily and happily.

While some kids may balk at the idea of a year with no permanent home, others would jump at the chance to walk on the Great Wall of Chine, ride a Camel in Morocco or see lions on safari in South Africa.  Preparing children for long term travel is all about managing expectations and focusing on the amazing adventures they’ll have, rather than what they will miss at home. Every family is different, but if you’re considering an RTW trip with your kids, you’ll never know if it can work for you until you try. Taking your family on the road can be one of the greatest adventures of your lives, challenging you to learn and grow, and bringing your closer together along the way.

Photo by naezmi