Your savior on long car trips

Yes, we buckled under and got a backseat DVD player in our minivan….so shoot me for not playing the License Plate Game and other more creative car games, but boy does a movie keep the squabbling siblings quiet!

The only problem is that too many hours of looking at a small moving screen in a gently moving vehicle gets at least one of my kids mildly carsick.

Here’s another idea that I found on the tech site Mashable to keep your little darlings occupied — downloadable audio books from AudibleKids.

From the Mashable post:

“The new site, called AudibleKids, has about 4,000 titles from 75+ publishers available at the time of the launch, with exclusive stories from the likes of R.L. Stine (who didn’t love Goosebumps?)”

If your kids are part of the iPod army, you’re all set.

If not, no worries; other mp3 players are compatible and you can also burn to a CD through iTunes or stream from a computer.

Ease on down the road….