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10 Family-Friendly Destinations for a HolidayHoliday packages are an ideal way to plan a getaway, as all the details are taken care of for you. When organizing special holiday packages for the family, consider some of the top family-friendly destinations there are on offer.

1. Florida

Florida is an obvious choice for families on holiday, with Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and great beaches. It’s fun for the whole family, ensuring you get to spend plenty of memorable time together.

2. Spain

Visit the Spanish islands for a

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Join the 2012 Mom Blogger Camp in in Velas Vallarta, MexicoThis is a guest post from Jen Miner, blogger at The Vacation Gals, and organizer of the 2012 Mom Blogger Camp in in Velas Vallarta.

Mention the phrase “mommy blogger” to a crowd, and you’ll get a few different reactions. What some people view as a viable way to accrue a little extra income while staying home with young children, others see as a rudderless industry in need of guidance. The truth is, there are as many types of parent bloggers as

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Camping with the kids

by Cristina on August 29, 2011

Camping with the kidsMany couples who consider having kids are concerned that their traveling days are over as soon as their bundle of joy arrives in this world. Yes, your hosteling and parting all nights vacations will be over – unless you ask the grandparents to baby sit while you escape over a weekend – but traveling can be absolutely amazing with kids.

Among the benefits of traveling with kids is getting more value for money. Remember those family tickets for various

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Making Museums Fun For KidsFor a lot of kids, a trip to the museum is as appealing as a trip to the dentist. Wandering aimlessly from weird-looking art to even weirder-looking art as you are constantly “shushed” by adults is no fun. But museum visits don’t have to be somber and boring; in fact many museums cater to kids with special exhibits and programs that make learning more fun.

When planning museum trips for kids, first think about what your kids like. If you have

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Tips and Tricks for Family TravelTraveling with kids – especially for the first time or on an extended trip – can be a nerve-wracking experience. Will the youngest have a total meltdown in unfamiliar surroundings? Will jetlag throw everyone off their sleep schedule? Or will what should have been a relaxing vacation turn into a week-long whine fest? While you never really know how your family will react until you try, there are things you can do to prepare your kids for travel.

Depending on the

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You Can Travel Long-Term with KidsSo often, round-the-world and long-term travelers are told that it’s a good thing they are “doing it before kids” – the implication, of course, being that such an adventure would be impossible with a child in tow. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and more and more families are realizing the job of taking a long-term trip together.

There are definitely some challenges to taking an RTW trip with kids. How will the kids cope without a home base

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